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Discover Why High Intensity Jump Rope Training is the Most Effective Method to Lose Body Fat, Build Muscle, and Get Fit Fast!

High Intensity Jump Rope Training Will Increase...


Discover What Makes High Intensity Jump Rope Training So Effective
Endurance, fat loss, flexibility, agility, strength, muscle development, mental focus, coordination, balance, power, and cardiovascular conditioning. These are just some of the benefits of jump rope training.

In fact, the jump rope fit method of fitness is one of the very few fitness methods that can be categorized as a total body workout.

Jumping Rope is one of the top calorie-burning activities and can be performed without the need for expensive equipment or a large amount of space. With jump rope training you can typically complete an effective total body workout within a 4ft space.

Simply Jumping Rope at a moderate pace will burn 15 calories per minute.

In comparison, running can also burn up to 15 calories per minute, but can create a greater impact on your joints than jumping rope.

Swimming can burn up to 12 calories per minute, but requires a pool or open water source that may not always be available.

Cycling can burn up to 14 calories per minute, but obviously requires a bike, helmet, and other expensive equipment.

Playing a game of basketball with friends can burn up to 9 calories per minute but requires a court and other people to train with.

Playing soccer can burn up to 11 calories per minute, but once again require more people as well as a soccer field or large open space. 

Plus when you include intervals of strength training and bodyweight exercises to your jump rope workouts, you can greatly increase the calorie burn even more, while losing more fat, and building lean muscle.

Not only does jumping rope create a greater calorie burn than any other fitness activity, it also benefits you in several other ways.

For example, since jumping rope is a total body activity it also improves your balance, agility, flexibility, and coordination. 

And because of the consistent intervals of cardio and strength training exercises, it greatly reduces your risk of heart related issues by improving your cardiovascular conditioning.

As you can see, the benefits of jumping rope are far greater than any other fitness training method. 

So if you are ready to join me and jumpstart your fitness, check out the complete Jump Rope Fit training programs below and become Jump Rope Fit.


Jump Rope Fit Workouts Are the Most Effective


The High-Intensity Jump Rope Training Method of fitness is specifically designed to keep you constantly moving through short bursts of high-intensity activity.

This non-stop training method has been proven to fire up your metabolism, blast belly fat, and increase calorie afterburn.


By performing total-body movements and targeting multiple muscles at once, the High-Intensity Jump Rope Training Method of fitness will get you results FAST!

Jump Rope Fit is the ultimate total-body training method designed to lose weight, build lean muscle, and carve full-body definition.


The non-stop intervals are the secret to what makes High-Intensity Jump Rope Training the fastest and most effective method for fat loss and lean muscle building.

By combining conditioning and strength movements, with minimal rest, you will achieve greater results in less time than other training programs.


You won’t have to drive to a busy gym, fight over equipment, or pay high monthly dues just to complete your daily workout.

With jump rope training you can workout at home, on your schedule, eliminating any excuses that may stop you from achieving your goals.

As you can see, when it comes to a total body workout, that burns fat, builds muscle, can be done almost anywhere, and requires minimal equipment, there is nothing more effective and efficient than High-Intensity Jump Rope Training.

So what are you waiting for? Achieve the results you deserve by checking out the jump rope training programs below, and join me in getting Jump Rope Fit.


A Proven Method That Works – Why I Created High Intensity Jump Rope Training
As a former wrestler, I began jumping rope over 30 years ago as part of my daily training. I discovered that just a couple minutes of jumping rope combined with bodyweight and strength training exercises allowed me to get in shape, lose weight, and condition my body to perform at a very high level.

Throughout my teens and into college I continued to use the jump rope as a quick and effective way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, after graduating college I was so focused on work and my career, that my fitness was no longer a priority.

Throughout my mid-twenties and even into my thirties I had added almost 50 pounds of unhealthy weight. Because of the long hours I was putting in at work, I struggled with exercise and proper nutrition, so I just gave up.

Until one day I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the man in front of me. I was no longer the fit, healthy, and athletic person I had always been. I was ashamed of the person I had become. I’d had enough and knew it was time for a change.

I immediately went back to the one thing that had always proven to provide the greatest results in the shortest amount of time, and that was the jump rope.

I started slow, just about 5 minutes of jump rope a day to recondition myself.

I then began to include 1-2 minute rest periods in between each 5-minute jump rope session. Slowly working my way up to 20 and 30 minute jump rope workouts.

After just a few weeks of this conditioning, I realized that I didn’t really need the rest periods, so I started to add bodyweight movements and strength training exercises in between each jump rope interval.

That is how the High Intensity Jump Rope Training method of fitness was born.

Since that day almost 10 years ago I have developed over a dozen jump rope training programs, and at the age of 44 I am in the best shape of my life.

Through this highly effective method of training, I have also had the opportunity to help hundreds of people just like you lose weight, build muscle, increase their endurance, and live a healthy life through my jump rope training programs.

To this day I continue to jump rope every day, and I have no intention of stopping any time soon.

To join me in this journey and achieve the same results, check out my complete jump rope training programs.


All programs include lifetime access to Daily HD Quality Follow-Along Videos, Digital & Printable Training Guides, Workout Schedules, Progress Tracker, and my Learn to Jump Rope Training Course.

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8 Week Strength Training and Fat Loss Program
JRF STRENGTH is an 8-week jump rope conditioning, and strength training program specifically designed to burn body fat while building strong lean muscle.

Using the High Intensity Jump Rope Training (HI-JRT) method of fitness JRF STRENGTH will get you in the best shape of your life in less time than other training methods. In weeks 1-4 you will focus on your conditioning and fat loss. Then during weeks 5-8 you will increase your strength and build lean muscle.

JRF STRENGTH includes lifetime access to daily HD quality follow along workout videos, downloadable training guides, workout schedules, progress trackers, and my How to Jump Rope Training Course.


30 Day Bodyweight Training Fat Loss and Conditioning Program
Are you ready to sweat and burn some serious calories? JRF SHRED is a total body fitness and conditioning program that uses the High Intensity Jump Rope Training (HI-JRT) method of fitness to burn more fat and get you shredded faster than other training programs.

The secret behind JRF Shred is it’s 5 segments of focused fitness; Power, Agility, Core, Build, and Burn. In less than 25 minutes a day, JRF Shred will chisel and define every muscle to build the ultimate athletic physique.

JRF SHRED includes lifetime access to daily HD quality follow along workout videos, downloadable training guides, workout schedules, progress trackers, and my How to Jump Rope Training Course.


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FREE BONUS! All Training Programs Include The Learn How To Jump Rope Training Course

What You Will Learn in This Training:

  • How to Choose the Best Jump Rope
  • How to Size Your Jump Rope to Your Height
  • What is The Best Jump Rope Cable Weight
  • Correct Grip & Hand Position
  • Proper Body Position & Stance
  • Best Jumping Technique
  • The Benefits of Jump Rope Training
  • Why Jump Rope Training Works
PLUS you will also receive additional Jump Rope Workouts so you can immediately put your new skills to the test and see for yourself how effective Jump Rope Training can be.


What Equipment Will I Need?

For JRF STRENGTH you will need a jump rope, bench, 3 sets of dumbbells (light, medium, heavy) and a pull-up bar or band. For JRF SHRED you will need just a jump rope and your own bodyweight.

How Long Are The Workouts?

The JRF STRENGTH workouts are about 30 minutes each, 6 days a week.
The JRF SHRED workouts are about 25 minutes each, 5 days a week.

How Long Will I Have Access to The Programs?

Your one-time payment gets you lifetime access to all the workouts, training guides, and learn how to jump rope training.

Who Are These Program For?

Anyone who is serious about increasing strength, building muscle, and burning fat. Jump Rope Fit workouts are for men or women of any age.

What If I Can't Jump Rope?

Yes you can! I promise I can teach you how to jump rope in less than one hour with my Learn How to Jump Rope Training Course. You won’t have to do any fancy jump rope moves to get the best results. The basic 2 foot single under jump rope movement is all you will need.