Benefits of Jump Rope Training


Discover What Makes High Intensity Jump Rope Training So Effective
Endurance, fat loss, flexibility, agility, strength, muscle development, mental focus, coordination, balance, power, and cardiovascular conditioning. These are just some of the benefits of jump rope training.

In fact, the jump rope fit method of fitness is one of the very few fitness methods that can be categorized as a total body workout.

Jumping Rope is one of the top calorie-burning activities and can be performed without the need for expensive equipment or a large amount of space. With jump rope training you can typically complete an effective total body workout within a 4ft space.

Simply Jumping Rope at a moderate pace will burn 15 calories per minute.

In comparison, running can also burn up to 15 calories per minute, but can create a greater impact on your joints than jumping rope.

Swimming can burn up to 12 calories per minute, but requires a pool or open water source that may not always be available.

Cycling can burn up to 14 calories per minute, but obviously requires a bike, helmet, and other expensive equipment.

Playing a game of basketball with friends can burn up to 9 calories per minute but requires a court and other people to train with.

Playing soccer can burn up to 11 calories per minute, but once again require more people as well as a soccer field or large open space. 

Plus when you include intervals of strength training and bodyweight exercises to your jump rope workouts, you can greatly increase the calorie burn even more, while losing more fat, and building lean muscle.

Not only does jumping rope create a greater calorie burn than any other fitness activity, it also benefits you in several other ways.

For example, since jumping rope is a total body activity it also improves your balance, agility, flexibility, and coordination. 

And because of the consistent intervals of cardio and strength training exercises, it greatly reduces your risk of heart related issues by improving your cardiovascular conditioning.

As you can see, the benefits of jumping rope are far greater than any other fitness training method. 

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8 Week Strength Training and Fat Loss Program
JRF STRENGTH is an 8-week jump rope conditioning, and strength training program specifically designed to burn body fat while building strong lean muscle.

Using the High Intensity Jump Rope Training (HI-JRT) method of fitness JRF STRENGTH will get you in the best shape of your life in less time than other training methods. In weeks 1-4 you will focus on your conditioning and fat loss. Then during weeks 5-8 you will increase your strength and build lean muscle.

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30 Day Bodyweight Training Fat Loss and Conditioning Program
Are you ready to sweat and burn some serious calories? JRF SHRED is a total body fitness and conditioning program that uses the High Intensity Jump Rope Training (HI-JRT) method of fitness to burn more fat and get you shredded faster than other training programs.

The secret behind JRF Shred is it’s 5 segments of focused fitness; Power, Agility, Core, Build, and Burn. In less than 25 minutes a day, JRF Shred will chisel and define every muscle to build the ultimate athletic physique.

JRF SHRED includes lifetime access to daily HD quality follow along workout videos, downloadable training guides, workout schedules, progress trackers, and my How to Jump Rope Training Course.


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